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Having fun

We are doing lots of great artwork and our creative writing was very imaginative and we shared many examples. We are having lots of fun doing great interesting work.


Grade 5/6 Camp Day One!

Hi parents kids and teachers,

We are having such an amazing camp and our Grade Sixes are so far having a great time.

After a noisy bus ride full of excited kids, we arrived at camp to be greeted by Rick the policeman who helps to run the camp. Soon after, the students were assigned their cabins and the only complaint came from Mr H who was disappointed that his cabin didn’t come equipped with a full sized vanity mirror.

Soon enough we were given our bikes, and have been practicing riding on our vey own camp bike track. Well done to Miss Nat, who has never riden a bike, but managed to do several laps of the track without crashing! Very brave.

The kids have all been amazing, and already we have seen great leadership skills from individuals within the group. We are looking forward to our spaghetti bolagnese dinner tonight, followed by a red faces competition and a night walk….. and if all goes to the students will be fast asleep in bed by 10.00. YEAH RIGHT

We would love to read any comments you have below!

More photo’s to come.

Luke, Nat, Suzi, Lance, Tash and Mel



IMG_0159 IMG_0154 IMG_0150 IMG_0158 IMG_0142



While the Grade 6s are away…

This morning we have been working hard and we are being wonderful leaders! We have been watching BTN and reading the Geelong Advertiser- we are up to date on current events! Now we are finding out all about our new blog and how to use it responsibly! Later we will be getting creative in our art lesson, and using up some of our excess energy in SPORT!!! We’re having a great day!!! [Much more fun than a three hour bus ride!!!]

From the Grade 5s:)

Leaders at our school

In the 5/6 area we have all types of leaders including House Captains, School Captains and SRCs. Here are some of the captains…

Ashby – Carla, Jack.A

Kildare – Alex.R , Will.G

Mercy – Hannah.S, Amelia, Oscar

Hennessy – Eliza.A , Austin

School – Jessica, Freddie


From 5/6 LEH


Hey everyone,

Next week is camp!!! The Grade 6’s will be leaving for camp at Maldon on Wednesday and will be coming home on Friday.

We will keep everyone updated with daily posts and photos of what we are doing.


From 5/6 LEH